Aesthetic acupuncture: eliminates wrinkles and tones the skin

aesthetic acupuncture
aesthetic acupuncture

The “aesthetic acupuncture” treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine are already documented in the ancient Chinese text Huangdi Neijing (the legendary Canon of Internal Medicine of the Emperor compiled between 305 and 204 BC to teach the people how to prevent disease and live healthy) and derive from the treatments intended for the treatment of the face and cellulite carried out by the doctors of the Imperial Court and consisted essentially in acupuncture and massage (tuinà).

The first needles for acupuncture were made of stone and then of bone and bamboo.
The use of needles stimulates the production of energy at the cellular level, the synthesis of collagen, the blood and lymphatic circulation, the oxygenation of the tissues thus improving the appearance of wrinkles, complexion, skin texture, hydration and brightness.
The method improves local circulation and oxygenation, thus accelerating the production of new fibroblasts, with the consequent increase in collagen and elastin.
Over time, the complexion will appear more vital and uniform, while swelling, bags under the eyes and discoloration will be reduced.
Anti-aging acupuncture also acts on the legs, fighting water retention and cellulite.

The technique is practically painless and free of side effects. In some cases, small bruises may occur which disappear within a few days.

The number of sessions necessary to obtain appreciable results varies from person to person: approximately 8-10 are needed.