How to fight stress and help depression with acupuncture

As we said in the previous article on emotions in TCM, the psychological factor influences many aspects of our health.

Shen is the vitality of the organism.

It is the external expression of the vital activities of the organism.
Represents the set of mental-spiritual activities of the person, that is what we identify with the spirit.

Through acupuncture, the state of Shen can be improved by helping our body and mind to re-grow and improve the general state of health.
Sometimes we are simply in a particularly stressful time and we just need to relax our mind.
Recomended Tradicional Acupuncture and Auricolotherapy.

Here you can find a scientific article about how to treat depression with acupuncture.

Obviously, acupuncture can’t treat severe depression and you should consult a doctor for this. But, the evidence is supports the fact that acupuncture may be able to improve depression, anxiety, and stress.