Plan, remember, imagine and concentrate. Unlock your Yi

Do you have the concentration of goldfish? Do you identify with Dori di Nemo who can’t remember what he did 5 min before? If you had to identify yourself in a film, would it be 50 times the first kiss? Can’t you follow the thread of the speeches and jump from one project to another? Maybe your spleen meridian needs a charge.

Are you obsessed with something and have a mania for possession? Can’t you detach yourself from things and people? Maybe it’s just the blocked spleen meridian.

Yi is the psychic aspect associated with the Spleen (earth) according to traditional Chinese medicine.

It is equated to reflection, logical thinking or deduction. Yi includes the ability to focus, brainstorm, study, remember but is also associated with obsessions and possession.

Yi offers us the ability to focus the mind on a subject, work on it, rotate it, not devote ourselves.

We have seen that it is the job of the Hun (Liver) to generate creative and intuitive ideas and inspiration.
Yi (Spleen) provides ideas within a specific framework, working and developing them as the one who works the land.

Yi (Spleen) has to do with recent memory which allows you to study or work on a daily basis.
Zhi (kidney) and Shen (heart) have to do with long-term memory, old memories or those related to emotions.