How to deal with life and decisions with a stroke of ... kidneys.

How to deal with life and decisions with a stroke of ... kidneys.

Have you ever noticed how often you say I hate Monday? And this thought seems to be widely shared.

According to statistics, Monday is really a bad day: it increases the risk of heart attack, weight and blood pressure. According to an American survey, 37% of resumes are sent on Tuesday after spending a bad Monday, trying to change things on Tuesday. Because we are sincere. If you are so frustrated on Monday it is because there is something basic that you don’t like about your routine. Work is probably one of your main problems. If you don’t like what you do, it’s not a Monday problem.

And to make changes you have to be highly motivated. Or completely desperate. Hoping that you never get to the second option, it is up to you to find the right motivation to move in a different direction. Put the same premises and the same hopes that make you start the New Year with a party, with the idea that the year ahead is better. Do it for Monday too. Make it a fresh start for a good purpose.

Having the courage to change. If making choices and deciding the moment is a topic in Chinese medicine of liver and colicists, this time it’s all the kidney due!

ZHI and emotions

Zhi is the emotion (Shen) of the kidney. It provides the impetus to put our decision-making process into action.

When we have vitality, good kidney energy, we approach decisions enthusiastically. Willpower is reflected in our determination and motivation.

When our renal energy is weak, we avoid putting things into action or we do it with little impulse, with fear, little initiative, we are easily discouraged from any setback, we abandon or change our goal.

The kidney is an element of water, and in Chinese philosophy water represents memory. Therefore Zhi also has a long-term memory aspect. Rene Jing feeds the brain. This is the reason why, when the energy of the kidney ages and deteriorates, memory is one of the things that gets worse.

The relationship between Kidney and Heart, Zhi and Shen, is very important in the balance of the person. If the mind is clear about its goals but does not have enough willpower, the person does not face change. If, on the other hand, he has a strong will but the mind is confused, the person will have a dangerous impulsiveness that will lead him to make random choices.

Never underestimate the reasons why you don’t feel motivated enough to change a situation that doesn’t suit you. Strengthen your kidneys, you will be more determined in your choices. And Mondays will be just a new day to be what you want.