The courage of one's decisions: liver and gallbladder

El coraje de las propias decisiones: hígado y vesícula biliar

In Chinese medicine, decisions depend on 2 organs: liver and gallbladder. We are said to have the liver, in China it is used to say, of a courageous and enterprising person, who has a “large biliary bladder”.

El HUN is the psychic expression of the liver and bile.
It could be combined with the western conception of soul or ethereal spirit, the imagination.

It is the expression of noble feelings.


It is the point of union between Mind and Zhi (will and mind).

From a psychic point of view, the wood movement is expressed in man with the ability to design, develop ideas with enthusiasm and creative inspiration, courage and ambition. The liver is in charge of the project, the gallbladder is in charge of its practical implementation, of the decision of the moment of execution.

The system of the liver and colicists, linked to the same movement by the Yin and Yang dualism, according to Chinese medicine are concerned with free flowing qi (“energy”) and blood throughout the body, just as a tree freely branches and roots expand in all directions. From this it can be deduced that everything that hinders emotional movements and emotional expression is negative for the liver: all the repressed or retained emotions in the medium-long term become a cause of imbalance for this organ.

Because of this, frustration, stress, lack of freedom weaken us and make us more lame, weaker, more prone to get sick.

Get rid of these problems and work to improve the relationship with your liver.
Start with improving your decision-making ability and learn to work on your emotions